Ask Questions to Move Forward on Your Spiritual Journey

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I’m reading a book by journalist Warren Berger entitled A More Beautiful Question. It is a fascinating look at the powerful nature of questioning to ignite change in companies, schools, and individuals. Deep and imaginative questioning can help us identify and solve problems, develop life-changing ideas, and pursue fresh opportunities.  Berger presents a “Why/What If/How” system of inquiry that guides … Read More

The WOW Strategy for All of Life

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Are you tired of the same old information for Christian living and spiritual growth rehashed and repackaged again and again? If you’ve observed the direction of evangelicalism the past 4-5 decades you’ve seen this happen. Speakers and writers try to convince us that what they have is new and more effective for living as a Christian. Better worship experiences, discipleship … Read More

A WOW Strategy for Christian Living

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There is a story in the July/August 2018 edition of Reader’s Digest by Mark Divine, Commander, U.S. Navy SEALS (Retired) that relates well to how we are to really live the Christian life. Some Christians believe the Christian life is all about living morally and ethically, following the rules of behavior set down by some authority. They think how you … Read More

Words To The Wise For Your Journey to Godliness

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When it comes to “godliness” most Christians come up short. Though the word “godly” is only mentioned about 25 times, the whole Bible is a book about godliness. Unfortunately, most evangelical commentators want to reduce its meaning to something like “devotion to God.” I believe its more like “Godlikeness.” For example, “friendliness” is more than a devotion to a friend. … Read More

Lunch with Kevin: My Conversation With A Dying Man

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On August 7, 2018, Kevin left the struggles of this earth and entered eternity. Kevin was born December 11, 1949 spending most of his life striving to appropriate Christ’s life into his own. In this struggle, he impacted thousands of lives towards a fuller faith in the Triune God, including mine. He will be eternally remembered by His Lord and … Read More

Stirring the Secret Sauce of Christian Living

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Every Spring, with the harsh winter behind her, Kathy begins to prepare her little plot of land for delicious vegetables. She tills and feeds the soil and makes sure the garden is protected from pesky deer. She can taste the greens and peas, tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers and squash as she plants the seeds and starter plants. Heavenly showers and … Read More