Sound Advice from Jesus During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Jesus is speaking to us during this challenging time. He always has the right words in our times of need. Though some of His statements are familiar, they have more meaning during this pandemic. Or, what He says may be new to you. The important thing is to apply these words to your situation today. Live them. When you do, … Read More

Divine Insights to Boost Your Inner Christian

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Being “Christian” hardly makes sense anymore. Not that it doesn’t have a significant place in this world or doesn’t personally affect lives. Being Christian has been made meaningless by its adherents who love the label but are confused by the diversity of incessant “truth” voices pounding in their heads and by their own inability to actually live as Christ commands. … Read More

Looking at the Scriptural Support for Nurturing Your Body

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Having come to the conviction that God is everywhere present and filling all things, Randy sat with Pastor Bill at lunch where they randomly talked about what they were eating. Randy: “I sometimes wonder if I’m too casual about what I put into my body. After all, isn’t this the place where God lives?” Pastor Bill: “I don’t think you … Read More

Christianity is Not a System of Morality

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I’m not quite sure how it happened (Was I was taught or just caught “moralism?”) but for most of my life I thought the Christian faith was primarily about moral behavior, mine and others. This is what that looked like… I thought being a Christian primarily involved: not sinning behaving morally upright in my outward actions staying away from people … Read More

Here’s the Key to Longevity

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Lately I’ve been watching a YouTube channel entitled “Impact Theory” which features interviews between Tom Bilyeu and his guests around topics having to do with health, longevity, success, and the good life. Tom will often express his desire to live as long as possible…maybe forever. When he says something like that, I want to yell at the screen and tell … Read More

A Shout-Out for More Tenderheartedness

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This week I’ve been confronted with my lack of tenderheartedness. I walked into a “delicate” situation and immediately offered my expert opinion totally oblivious to the sensitive nature of what was happening. Instead of kindly caring and helping, I assumed, judged, and reacted with ungracious words actually believing my brilliant advice was going to make the situation better. Yea…that didn’t … Read More