The Most Profound Sentences I’ve Read This Year

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Our Sunday night, meeting once-a-month, men’s group is reading The Eucharist written by Alexander Schmemann, a professor of Liturgical Theology at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary. He’s an excellent lecturer, prolific writer, and a true pastor. You can tell by his writings his deep love for truth and for the Truth. I was cruising along in my reading while sitting on … Read More

What are the Keys to Controlling Your Body?

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The role of the body in how we relate to God is a fascinating subject. Too long neglected by modern Christians, most have little understanding of the body’s significance in successfully living the Christian life. Included in exploring this reality is how we manage our bodies in general. At one end of the spectrum are those who abuse their bodies. … Read More

Reflections While Not Posting: What an UnCommon Journey

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Why is my blog site called The UnCommon Journey? Because that’s a title that should be given to every Christian’s relationship with God. If your Christian life mimics most other Christians around you, you’ve settled for a comfortable expression of Christianity foreign to scripture and historic Christianity. Sadly, most Christians don’t realize this. I don’t blame them or accuse them … Read More

A Look At The Biggest Ally on Your Spiritual Journey: Your Body

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What is your view of the body? That’s right, your physical body. This question may be one of the most essential life-questions you’ve never thought of. Your answer makes a difference in every area of your life. How you eat, sleep, work, worship, relate, recreate, maintain, die, and deal with your dead body, are all affected by your understanding of … Read More

10 Psalms the Valiant Warrior Experiences When Fighting the Enemy

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Today, take courage to battle. As a Christian you have, in the Triune God, the inner support, spiritual resources, personal help, and actual presence necessary to engage your enemies. You do not need to fear defeat. Let the truth of these Psalms give you boldness and courage to struggle with whatever comes your way. Three Realities to Help Us Understand … Read More

Taking Up the Challenge of Simplicity in Christ for 2019

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Last Saturday, Rhonda and I spent 4-5 hours “de-cluttering” one of the areas of our house. The hidden mud room/pantry area had become a chaotic collection of small appliances, cookbooks, pantry-type foods, cleaning materials, and other random stuff. If we didn’t know what to do with an item, it usually ended up joining the disarray. We attacked the chaos of … Read More

Attention Please: Jesus is Teaching Us How To Pray

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Prayer is a mystery to me but not to Jesus. He knows what prayer is and how to do it. He knows everything there is to know about prayer. Our understanding of prayer is nothing in comparison to His. He is the teacher, we are the kindergarten students – maybe not even that developed – more like infants learning to … Read More