15 Shocking Statements of Jesus

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Seeking to accept Jesus’ words with a heart and mind which are free from preconceived ideas, is practically unthinkable. We’ve been trained to make sense of such teachings, making sure we’re accurately interpreting Jesus’ words so we can understand them better. It’s my contention that the sayings of Jesus are given to us not primarily to understand but to practice, … Read More

WHY Have Quiet Time with God?

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You can no longer ignore meeting with God. You’re too broken. You’re too busy. You’re too preoccupied. You’re living in a cesspool society. But, you need good reasons to do so…a powerful WHY that will inspire you to keep at it no matter what. You need a vision that resonates deep within that keeps calling to you in times of … Read More

Is There Value in Possessing a Small and Narrow Mind?

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Lately I’ve been doing some thinking about a couple labels used by insular people to critique the perceived insular perspectives of others – “small-minded” and “narrow-minded.”  [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] In a time when tolerance as a virtue is given supremacy in our culture, I wonder if Christian culture has also been influenced by this same mindset. It’s understandable how this can … Read More

What Every Christian Should Know About Prayer

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You only truly know what you experience. So when a disciple made the request to Jesus, “Teach us to pray,” Jesus did not give his disciples a book to read, a program to follow, or a video to watch. He didn’t form a small group to study prayer. He didn’t give them words to study, exegete, or preach. He gave … Read More

The Great Need of Christians For Spiritual Fathers

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Finding a spiritual father has been a life-long goal of mine. One is not easy to find. They hide in solitude and silence. They are simple and unconcerned about publicity. They are among us yet we’re blind to their presence. I’ll not give up my search. However, I may need to adjust my expectations.   [featured-image single_newwindow=”false”] My own biological … Read More

A Discouraging Word

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This morning I sat with God and became discouraged. I’m usually a pretty determined and inspired guy. But today I feel like a failure. If you’ll indulge me a bit of self-reflection… I used to feel so self-assured: confident of my beliefs, proud of my spiritual acumen, satisfied by my spiritual efforts. Not today. Relationships We’ve had a lot of … Read More