An Unfamiliar & Unpopular Word Changes Everything

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Now that your Lenten journey for 2022 is finished, one reflection remains before you move on to other posts about your experience of being God’s humility project. Through your experience at Holy Cross Monastery and transitioning into the pandemic-riddled Lenten season of 2020, you entered a deepening experience of transformation guided by the Apostle Paul from the book of Philippians. … Read More

Losing in order to Gain Jesus Christ

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For modern Christians who tolerate such diverse understandings and expressions of Christianity, a surprising aspect of being a true Christian is to watch out for deceivers, heretics, false teachers and teachings. You’ve often succumbed to this kind of person in your ignorance. Yet, St. Paul warns you to “look out for dogs, look out for evildoers, look out for those … Read More

The Good Work of God…and You

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The journey you are on is unique to you since you have particular issues that need to be dealt with. Most of these issues are universal to all human beings. For example, all humans struggle with pride which can lead to jealousy, hatred, conflict, anger, despair, judgmentalism, rivalry, selfishness, and the like. From these kinds of deep-seated passions arise evils … Read More

I’m Done Trying To Help People

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In light of recent events and meditations on Jesus’ humility, you have been challenged to re-evaluate your understanding and practice of “ministry.” Quite simply, you’re moving from a model of “help” to a model of “service.” In your life and ministry, you unintentionally equated the two actions. You never gave their distinctions much thought. Help and service looked the same … Read More

The Glory of Insignificance

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You’re on a roller-coaster-like journey teeming with concealed twists, turns, and plunges permeated with exciting mystery. Sometimes you cry out with tears of joy and/or fear. On the best of days, the spiritual adrenaline rush satiates your soul. On other days, the ride paralyzes you in dread and anxiety, debilitating your very being. Though this “in-Christ” life is yours to … Read More

Help For Christians Agitated By the Current Political and Societal Chaos

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I had never heard the word “vexed” until we moved to Jamaica where a more British vocabulary was spoken. “Vexation” is the state of being annoyed, frustrated, or anxious. Apparently, there is a positive side to vexation – like, being grieved, troubled, or perplexed – that can create genuine actions for the good. It seems to include an element of … Read More

Getting to the Root of Our Struggles

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A tree cannot exist without its roots. Usually gnarly and unsightly, the roots serve the tree in many ways. Here is what I found in summary: The root system of a tree performs many vital functions. In winter, it is a store-house for essential food reserves needed by the tree to produce spring foliage. Roots absorb and transport water and minerals from the soil to the rest of … Read More

Is It Possible for Christians to Disregard God’s Grace? Apparently, St. Paul Thinks It Is.

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If we truly understand what being a Christian is, then it’s a no-brainer to become one. Freeing Christianity from insipid moralistic codes and confusing theological constraints and focusing our soul towards Jesus Christ and our union with Him, the gloriousness of what it is to be in Christ is slowly revealed to us. (Don’t gloss over that last sentence. It’s … Read More