Is It Possible for Christians to Disregard God’s Grace? Apparently, St. Paul Thinks It Is.

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If we truly understand what being a Christian is, then it’s a no-brainer to become one. Freeing Christianity from insipid moralistic codes and confusing theological constraints and focusing our soul towards Jesus Christ and our union with Him, the gloriousness of what it is to be in Christ is slowly revealed to us. (Don’t gloss over that last sentence. It’s … Read More

Have You Missed Your Calling? Maybe You Didn’t Know

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The other night, Rhonda and I happened upon a short film on the life of Florence Nightengale. At a time when medicine was a “men-only” profession, she had a calling from God to be a nurse taking her into unexplored territory challenging the status quo. Her father did not approve. Yet, she was determined to fulfill her calling no matter … Read More

What is Your Life’s “Work” as a Christian? The Answer Will Surprise You.

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Christians are often concerned about God’s will for their lives. They usually mean, “What does God want me to do for Him while I’m on earth?” It’s a question related to vocation. It’s also a question that gets elevated above a more crucial one. A better and more important question, because it cuts deeper into our being, is “What “work” … Read More

Like the Apostle Paul, There’s a Great Need to Check my “Confidence in the Flesh”

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God is continually mucking around in my life challenging my self-sufficiency and self-righteousness. The process is grueling but necessary. I don’t like it but I keep asking for it. So, here’s the latest… I’m taking my cue from Paul’s spiritual journey (though mine pales miserably to his) as he compares his background to his current intense desire to know Christ. … Read More

Is This Pandemic for Your Good?

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Is this pandemic God’s way of changing YOU? Ask yourself these questions: Are you more attentive to unnecessary habits or preoccupations? Have you found yourself more aware of hidden items or secret areas of your life? Have you taken notice of things you’d routinely ignored before COVID-19? Have you discovered some dormant frustrations which need to be addressed? Have you … Read More

Divine Insights to Boost Your Inner Christian

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Being “Christian” hardly makes sense anymore. Not that it doesn’t have a significant place in this world or doesn’t personally affect lives. Being Christian has been made meaningless by its adherents who love the label but are confused by the diversity of incessant “truth” voices pounding in their heads and by their own inability to actually live as Christ commands. … Read More