Here’s Good News: You’re Still a Sinner. You Can Stop Obsessing Over Being Perfect.

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Do you feel pressure to act like an exceptional Christian? Are there people around you telling you that you’re perfect in Christ so live like it? Or, are you uptight about looking good in front of others so they’ll be impressed with your spirituality? Truth is, there is no pressure to perform well as a Christian. Your sin should teach … Read More

AWANA And the Quest For Spiritual Knowledge

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I watched this clip from The Andy Griffith Show a couple weeks ago and, with my convoluted mind, thought of Awana. How many kids, sitting in front of their Awana leader, try to recall the words to verses they thought they’d memorized? Awana is very strict about “word-for-word” memory and only a couple “helps.” I wonder how many kids were … Read More

Confessions of A Great Pretender

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For a few weeks I’ve been struggling with anger and shame. I am angry with myself because I’m so freakin’ obsessed with looking good spiritually and physically before others. I am angry at the condition of the modern evangelical church as I read about stupid, ego-driven pastors leading unaware and superficial people. The struggle becomes more intense as I reflect … Read More

Maggie and Ted Go To Church and a Revival Breaks Out. See For Yourself!

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Last week, Motley Christians Maggie and Ted visited 1st Holiness Pentecostal Apostolic Deliverance Love-to-all-the-people Christian Assembly and, praise to the God of all music, the spirit let loose. Wowzee!! As those youngsters say, “Killer!” They’d never seen so many kids moved by the spirit. Inspiring! Stirring! Spine Tingling! Astonishing! Before the preachin’ began, the guest musician, Jerome Lewis, really got … Read More

A Beautiful Gospel: This Presentation Will Either Upset You or Help Set You Free

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I met Brad four years ago in Cancun, Mexico. He was there to speak to Church Resource Ministries staff on the subject of hearing God. At that time, I was with CRM and attended the conference. Though he is from Canada, (‘eh!) and pronounces words a little funny, we had many things in common. We spent time discussing theological “stuff” … Read More

Learning About (Spiritual) Blindness From a Blind Man

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“Was blind, but now I see,” writes John Newton (1725-1805) in the most-popular hymn, Amazing Grace. As Jesus walked near Jericho, a blind man yelled out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” People around him tried to get him to shut up. He cried out even louder, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus stopped. He wanted … Read More

Cuss Words That Have the “Holy Stamp of Approval”

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Tim Hawkins is one of the funniest guys you’ll ever see. He has some routines that make you laugh so hard you’ll have tears and sore sides. At times he’s brilliant bordering on genius. At least he’s extremely talented. He delivers hilarious lines, plays guitar, memorizes a ton of stuff, and sings imitations of popular songs to his own lyrics. … Read More

Mystified By The Mercy of God

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The mercy of God is fascinating, magnificent, timely, and compelling. Mercy can be described as: God in His love and tenderness covering our unrighteousness and healing our brokenness. Mercy is most often experienced when a person is struggling in their faith while dealing with life circumstances. Yet, this is when mercy is often unrecognized. The heartaches and problems blind us … Read More