The Most Profound Sentences I’ve Read This Year

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Our Sunday night, meeting once-a-month, men’s group is reading The Eucharist written by Alexander Schmemann, a professor of Liturgical Theology at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary. He’s an excellent lecturer, prolific writer, and a true pastor. You can tell by his writings his deep love for truth and for the Truth. I was cruising along in my reading while sitting on … Read More

I Gotta Fever…And the Only Prescription is More __________________ (fill in the blank!)

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Christians are funny creatures. We think we’ve found everything we need in Jesus. But then, we clamor for one idea after another thinking it will bring fulfillment to our lives. We should be satisfied with all the Triune God is and supplies to us. But we are not. Following what other’s say we need to do, we become confused by … Read More

Mercy & Me

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Since the day the humble tax collector cried, “God, have mercy on me, a sinner” the faithful in Christ have been doing the same. There are plenty of reasons to regularly pray, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” But, I’ll limit it to three: 1. It is a practical way to “pray without ceasing.” … Read More

Imperfection and Sin Are the Doors to Mercy

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How to Be a Sinner (Dr. Peter Bouteneff) is the most significant book I’ll read this year. The title intrigues me. The content stirs my soul to a better understanding and experience of knowing God as an “unworthy servant.” For decades I’ve wrestled with the issue of sin in light of God’s love and mercy, forgiveness and acceptance. I know I … Read More

Motley Christian Has A New Home

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I am excited to announce that our new website has launched. Whoo hoo!! One month of planning and two months of development have resulted in a beautiful and simple site. Here’s what’s behind the new site — We have one website that includes three aspects of what we do. Yes, three in one! Here are some reasons for the change: … Read More

Salvation & Eternal Life is a Lifetime Commitment

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Recently I had this thought: Salvation may occur in a moment, but it takes a lifetime to become a Christian. When we come to faith in Christ, do we instantly become godly, righteous, and sinless? Of course not. Some people try to convince us that our “in Christ” life means we are given Christ’s righteousness and are therefore actually righteous. … Read More