Let’s Get Better Acquainted With Hospitality

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Last week Rhonda and I sat at Einstein Bagels discussing some resolutions or goals for 2019. We were already five days into 2019 but that didn’t stop us. We’re not big goal setters but the discussion raised some significant ideas, which we decided to implement this year: New vehicle More frequent board meetings with new board members Fitness workouts together … Read More

Sharing With You An Enterprising Experience

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This weekend we hosted six young women visiting Chattanooga to go skydiving. What? That’s right. As they say, a bunch of crazy people jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. As it turned out, they awakened Sunday morning to a text from the air jump folks that due to low cloud cover and rain possibility, the jump had to be … Read More

Spring Is A Beautiful Time For Hospitality

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Easter – a time of celebration of Jesus Christ’s victory over death – a time bringing life to all who choose it – a time when we see nature begin to burst forth with life and new color – a season that brings hope and renews the spirit. What better time to throw open the doors of hospitality in your … Read More

An Invitation to True Hospitality

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Hospitality seems to be a lost art today. Remember the days when folks would invite their neighbors, co-workers, friends over to their home for dinner and a night of good fellowship? It seemed a natural part of life. Today schedules are so packed with “busyness” that most grab time with others either in a restaurant or coffee shop if at … Read More

Our Story

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Welcome to Homestead Hospitality House. Let me tell you a little about ourselves. Rhonda and I formally got together during a choir tour through Florida while in college. I often tell people, “I knew she was ‘the one’ the second day we were together” on the bus. Unknowingly, that beginning became a microcosm for our lives – music, serving God, traveling, enjoying the … Read More

Coming Soon

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Thank you for your patience with us. Our blog feature is under development. We look forward to sharing content with you that speaks to your hospitality needs and challenges.